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I grew up in a small town in Texas, where everything is green and lush.  Currently, I live in a small town in New Mexico, and it's a total culture shock!  My yard is made of rocks instead of St. Augustine grass, and when I say "Y'all," people have no clue what I mean.

I started reading bodice-ripper romances second-hand from my mother, who didn't believe in censoring my books, even though I was very young.  We probably went through several a week, buying them from garage sales by the paper bag-full.  I still have my entire collection, as I refuse to give up ANY book I've ever read.  Call 1-800-Hoarders, because that collection is out of control.

I love paranormal worlds, writing about fangs, fur and fantasy.  Epic, sweeping love stories with brooding, angsty heroes and funny, quirky heroines.  In a paranormal world, things rarely go smoothly, and I love writing my characters out of hopeless or dangerous situations.  My characters tend to be flawed, often based on real characteristics I see in myself, my friends and family.  Although my characters are extraordinary, their love, their struggles, and their dreams are realistic and deep.

My story, Stained-Glass Heart, was published in a limited-edition anthology called Paranormal Easter.  Vichter is a dragon who loses his egg at an Easter egg hunt.  Ashlyn finds it for him, and maybe herself, along the way.  That story is no longer available, but is being turned into a full-length novel to be re-released later this year.  

Currently, I am working on three projects due this year.  Broken Over You is my first contemporary romance, set in a small country town, due out later this year.  I also have a full-length novel called Blood Red Velvet that will be released on July 11, 2019, as part of the Ice Cream Shop series (which includes 30 other complete novels to be released every day of July, with some kind of ice cream theme in each).  I'm also working on the beginning novel that will truly introduce my paranormal world (Vampire Liaison) to release later this year.  Although Blood Red Velvet takes place in that world, it's kind of a prequel.  I'll include links and updates on these as they get closer.

Thanks for joining me on this writing journey.  Please feel free to e-mail me at any time at  There's much more to come!!

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